Product Downloads

NXJ Developer
Gupta NXJ Developer is a powerful visual development tool for the rapid development of innovative Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications and powerful and flexible SOA applications. NXJ Developer uses AJAX components to provide data aware visual web controls. The SOA support in NXJ Developer allows you to quickly leverage the power and flexibility of SOA applications for your enterprise or applications.

The SQLBase Embedded Database offers scalability from the Desktop to the Web. With its small footprint yet robust functionality, SQLBase provides developers an optimum solution to create, deploy and support applications requiring an embedded database, whether being used on the desktop, on a web server, or in a distributed/mobile application.

Team Developer
Team Developer is the 32-bit development tool that is necessary to create robust, scalable, and Internet-enabled applications that meet your strategic business needs. These evaluation files are designed for a 45-day trial. Once downloaded, the files (and any trial applications built with them) will be functional for this limited period only.

Report Builder
Report Builder is an ad-hoc query and reporting tool that lets your users quickly get the data they need in the format they want by providing an easy and intuitive graphical interface for accessing corporate databases. There is no need to know Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve data.